Zhisheng automated welding equipment sink welding press machine Welding symbol callouts

Welding symbol callouts
Welding symbol notation is a detailed guide to the specific robotic welding machineprocess and is very common in mechanical drawing.

Welding symbol callout method:

1. The structural form of robotic welding machineis represented by robotic welding machinesymbols. The robotic welding machinesymbols are mainly composed of basic symbols, auxiliary symbols, supplementary symbols, guide lines, and robotic welding machinedimensions. Commonly used robotic welding machinesymbols are shown in the figure below to illustrate that the shape and line width of the robotic welding machinecross section are 1/10 of the height of the marked character. If the word height is 3.5 mm, the symbol line width is 0.35 mm.

2. The robotic welding machineaid symbol, as shown in the figure below, is a symbol that indicates the shape of the weld, such as a convex or concave shape.

3. Supplemental symbols, as shown in the figure below, are used to indicate the characteristic symbols such as the robotic welding machinerange.

Welding symbol callout steps:

1. Mark the dimensions of the robotic welding machinecross-section on the left side of the robotic welding machinebasic symbol, such as the height of the blunt edge p, the depth of the groove H, the height of the robotic welding machineangle K, etc. If the left side of the robotic welding machinedoes not have any label and no other explanation, robotic welding machineTo fully penetrate thoroughly.

2. On the right side, mark the robotic welding machinelength direction and dimensions, such as robotic welding machinesegment number n, length l, and gap e. If there is no label on the right side of the basic symbol and there is no other explanation, it means that the robotic welding machineis continuous throughout the length of the workpiece.

3. On the upper or lower side of the robotic welding machinesymbol, mark the groove angle α, the groove surface angle β, and the root clearance b.

4. Mark the same number N of robotic welding machineand robotic welding machinemethod at the end of the guideline.

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