Pinecrest Shell Provides State-Licensed Vehicle Inspections to Keep Drivers, Passengers and Roads Safe

Vehicles in Virginia are required to have annual safety and emission inspections. Pinecrest Shell has the license and expertise to provide state inspections and a one-stop shop to address any repairs that need to be done.

[ALEXANDRIA, 7/11/2018]—Virginia is one of the states where vehicles must pass a safety inspection every year and an emission test every two years. Drivers who use an uninspected vehicle or a vehicle that failed the inspection are violating Virginia laws and can receive a fine and a mark on their driving record. That is where Pinecrest Shell comes in.

Apart from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, there are licensed centers scattered around the state that provide these inspections. In Alexandria, Pinecrest Shell provides both state inspection services and the necessary repairs to address vehicle issues that can result in an inspection failure.

Full-Service Auto Repair

When drivers go to Pinecrest Shell for inspection, they receive excellent customer service. The company has the resources and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide its team with enough information on how to repair a car efficiently.

Pinecrest Shell prides itself of being a one-stop mechanic shop in the city. Its expert team handles all types of vehicles and services all vehicle problems. From a simple oil change and maintenance to a more complex solution to vehicle troubles, the team provides nothing less than exceptional output for all its clients.

Virginia Automobile Inspections

Pinecrest Shell adheres to state inspection standards to keep drivers, passengers, and the roads safe from accidents caused by vehicular flaws. As a certified state inspection center, the company checks the following components:

• License plates
• Everything under the hood
• Brakes (including emergency brake)
• Floor pan
• Lights
• Driver’s seat
• Seat belts
• Doors
• Steering and suspension
• Signal devices
• Tires
• Mirrors
• Windshield wipers
• Exhaust system
• Air pollution control system
• Fuel system
• Airbags

If mechanics see an issue with any of these criteria, they discuss repair options with the client before proceeding. They repair the vehicle promptly so that they can finish the inspection immediately. Once the vehicle passes the inspection, drivers must display the inspection sticker on their car.

About Pinecrest Shell

Pinecrest Shell is a one-stop automotive repair shop in Alexandria, Virginia. Its team of licensed experts can handle a wide range of vehicle problems and service all types of vehicles. With state-of-the-art facility and resources, Pinecrest Shell can provide the highest levels of service to its clients.

For all automobile repairs, services, inspections, and gas needs, the shop has it all.

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