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Residential and commercial cleaning has become popular in recent years with businesses outsourcing their cleaning requirements. Mama & Maid in Dubai is a leading cleaning service that provides offices an extensive range of cleaning solutions and unrivaled customer service.

As a premier cleaning specialist, they have established a strong reputation and take pride in their quality of work that ensures 100% cleanliness. Their mission is to make certain that the office premises will be dust and dirt-free.

Any work environment should have a competent and hardworking workforce. It is a well-known fact that employees are happier when the workplace is fresh and clean. A clean space makes for a healthier environment. While businesses recognise that employee training is important, they don’t seem to pay the same attention to pure and clean air. Polluted air is a health risk and it can lead to sick employees and a drop in productivity.

Businesses struggle when employees get sick. When employees don’t show up to work, production slows down and affects sales. Additionally, one sick employee can turn into many getting sick. A maid service is a vital factor to reduce the spreading of germs within the office and keeping the workforce healthier.

Mama & Maid are renowned for being an experienced cleaning company within the U.A.E and are able to provide businesses a no hassle, stress-free office cleaning solution. This enables the business to focus on the core functions and the development of everyday operations. The less staff has to concentrate on cleaning and more on their specific job role, it enables the business to grow and flourish.

Walking into a clean and pristine office will create a positive impression not only on the employees but also the visitors. It will instill a higher confidence in the business’s products and services. Employee morale is high in a cleaner environment. They are more engaged in activities and will accomplish their jobs with more pride.

“Businesses can take advantage of our services”, says the Director of Mama & Maid. “Our cleaning services are unrivaled and working in an organised and clean office will enable staff to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before”.

He goes onto note, “People have incredibly busy lives nowadays. Our professional maid services provide businesses much needed relief from having to do their own cleaning”.

About Us
Mama and Maid Cleaning Service is located in the heart of Dubai, providing our customers smart and energetic staff to see to all your housekeeping needs. Our goal is to offer a happy, hygienic and comfortable home. We have a great rapport with our clients and our commitment lies in maintaining a relationship of trust, honesty and integrity. We also specialize in maintenance services and contract cleaning for retail, commercial and industrial buildings. For more information visit us on our website at